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Alex Being Himself

I was sitting on the couch today watching The EntrePUNeur’s videos with my sister on YouTube when I looked over and saw Alex sitting there looking so upset, probably ’cause he likes to watch videos and we didn’t ask him to join us, I’m not sure if I captured the exact look but here’s a picture anyway,


And here’s a link to The EntrePUNeur,

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How to Play A Simplified F chord

fender-fa-100As a beginner guitarist I find it hard to play a (barred) F chord. I thought that you could only play the F chord barred until one day I was using Yousician (an app that teaches guitar) and it showed me how to play an easy version of this chord. But before I show you how to play it remember that you should learn the barred version, I like this version ’cause it’s easier but I know that I have to learn barre chords to be a good guitarist, so just don’t use this instead forever okay here is the tab for it;







If you can’t read tab then I’ll explain,  first string (high e) muted, second string (B) first finger first fret, third string (G) second finger second fret, forth string (D) forth finger third fret, fifth string (A) third finger third fret, and last of all the sixth string (E) muted. There that’s how you play it.

Remember to practice your barrechords.


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His Name is Extra.

I’m going to show you a very special picture I drew a while ago that I call “Sad Extra” In the picture you see a blue haired guy, that I named Extra, looking really sad ’cause he can’t whistle hints the poem I wrote in the hill. One day I was watching digimon and saw this guy (he was an extra so don’t try finding him) so I drew his head and then the TV got unpaused so I came up with the rest. So call it fan art if you want.

The poem says “whistle, whistle what a little tistle, Whistle, whistle I wish I could whistle.” Yes I realize tistle isn’t a word but it rhymed so I put it. you can probably figure out its meaning on your own.

Here’s the picture,