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How to Play A Simplified F chord

fender-fa-100As a beginner guitarist I find it hard to play a (barred) F chord. I thought that you could only play the F chord barred until one day I was using Yousician (an app that teaches guitar) and it showed me how to play an easy version of this chord. But before I show you how to play it remember that you should learn the barred version, I like this version ’cause it’s easier but I know that I have to learn barre chords to be a good guitarist, so just don’t use this instead forever okay here is the tab for it;







If you can’t read tab then I’ll explain,  first string (high e) muted, second string (B) first finger first fret, third string (G) second finger second fret, forth string (D) forth finger third fret, fifth string (A) third finger third fret, and last of all the sixth string (E) muted. There that’s how you play it.

Remember to practice your barrechords.



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