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Five Games I Like


In no particular  order I’m gonna tell you guys five games or game series I like, such as The Elder Scrolls. Okay so here we go,

Xenoblade Chronicles X

This game is really fun. One of the things I like best about it is the character costumization, ’cause I can have pink hair. I can also costumize my team, currently we are the snorkel team ’cause we’re all wearing snorkels.

The Sims

Okay, I know what your thinking. And it’s true I do mostly like games ’cause of character costumization. In fact most the games I play have character costumization, there are a few exceptions though, such as “Rolling Thunder” and “Smash Bros” but for the most part there is at least a little character costumization. Now of course the “Sims” is a game series, I like “The Sims 3” best, but of course it does have some things I’d rather it didn’t have, I just avoid that stuff so it’s fine, but I do think that it didn’t need it.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

I have pink hair in this game as well. The game play is fun, I prefer to play online, even though I’m a low level. I choose to wear mismatched pieces of armor ’cause I think it looks better.

The Elder Scrolls

I usually play a Khajiit in these games. I’ve played both “Skyrim” and “Oblivion” I don’t think I’ve played “Morwind” though. I am usually in the thieves guild or trying to get into the wizards guild.

Super Smash Bros

Whether it’s  the Nintindo 64 or Wii U versin this game series is always fun to play with my siblings. I really like how on the Wii U version you can make a mii fighter, especially ’cause we always make them really funny.

Well those are the games I like, and have never finished. (’cause I have this problem where I never finish a game, not even “My Sims”) I want to mention three more that I would recommend, “Minecraft”,” Terraria”,and “Rolling Thunder” (an old arcade game).


Your Friend, 

Guitar Solo



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