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Super Powers Exist

It’s true

      Okay so yesterday I was running down the hallway and I ran into the wall, it made my shoulder hurt real bad, so after a little while I looked at it and discovered it was bleeding. But no worries ’cause I have the super power of regeneration, so it should heal up in a reasonable amount of time, actually everyone has that super power. WOW! That’s amazing, I mean how cool, that we have a super power! Actually we have multiple, here I’ll make a list,


Our bodies will heal on their own, sure it’s not as fast as the super heroes on TV, but it’s really amazing that we heal at all.


Yeah but I can’t see through walls.

But you can see walls, can’t you. Wow! Your mind was just blown.


You can’t hear far off people’s conversation, but really why would you want to. Think of the things you can hear, your cat meowing, music, your family being noisy, birds chirping in your backyard, all kinds of things. Hearing is a super power.


Think about this for a second, if you did have super smelling you would smell the skunk in your neighbor’s yard, the tomatoes rotting on the vine ten houses down, so really is that what you want. Smelling is a super power, ’cause think of what you can smell, freshly baked bread, tiger balm, mint hand sanitizer, all sorts of things so.

Mind Control

Now you think I’ve lost it (whatever it is), you’re probably thinking mind control, no, nobody has that, well actually your wrong everybody has it just not in the sense you’re thinking. Our minds control our body, say you wanted a drink of water, well then your brain would tell your legs to move and your arms to grasp your cup, or whatever you’re drinking out of, then it would tell you to bring it up to your mouth and start drinking. Your mind also controls what you say. So now you can go around saying you have mind control powers, you’re welcome.

So next time you’re wishing you had super power remember you already have some. Okay people, God already gave some. Okay now I’m done and you’re a little smarter. If you can think of any super powers go ahead and comment.

Your friend,

Guitar Solo


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