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A Weird Turn in the Journey

Okay so I’ve been gone a while but now I’m back! So hi! Also I’ve decided I’m going to start writing stories on here, so here’s the first one!

A Weird Turn in the Journey

It was getting dark and Krank had just started out on his journey an hour ago, as he walked through the dim forest he took a breath of the stiff, foggy air and a faint smell of banana came to his nose, Krank loves bananas, as do most elves.  He continued  down the rocky path adjusting his medieval looking Helmet every now and again when he came across a groundhog, he approached it, it looked at him with a strange look in his eyes when he got close enough to pet it, it bit him! He got real mad and pinched it, it then stopped biting him and ran off.

An hour later Walker ran up and bumped Krank’s helmet off. Walker turned around to apologize, but then he saw Krank’s ears and out of fear yelled, “your ears!”

Krank asked, “what about them?”

Walker answered in horror, “they’re elf ears!”

Krank responded, “well yeah, I’m an elf.”

Walker quickly got into a fighting position and yelled, “I won’t let you eat me!” And swung his fists at him.

In defence Krank pinched him and questioned, “why would I eat you?”

“This is why,” Walker said. Krank had forgotten to stop pinching him and when Walker pulled his arm away his skin got pulled off revealing that Walker was a banana!

“I’m so sorry!” Krank exclaimed, “it just peeled right off.”

“Now you’re gonna eat me,” Walker said sadly.

“No I won’t,” Krank said, even though he loves bananas.

Walker was very happy that he wasn’t going to get eaten, not realizing that he was going rot a lot quicker without his peel.


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