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Mushy’s Hat


Mushy’s Hat

Mushy was walking down the cold, grimy streets of New York  City. His paws were getting cold and wet but he didn’t mind one bit ’cause he was on a quest To find the most purrfect Christmas hat! As he was walking along a motorcyclist drove passed him and splashed dirty water all over him. He shook his head in dismay, thinking to himself, “why was that motorcyclist on the sidewalk?”

Mushy found a box and slept in it. In the morning he woke up in a house. He was very frightened and thought he had gotten catnapped! Someone walked over to him, he cringed back in fear. They picked him up, he meowed furiously! They turned on the water in the kitchen sink and put him under it rinsing away the gunk. He shivered and cried. They took pity and put more dirt on him (they assumed that was why he was crying). Once he was dirty again he went over to a bowl of milk, one of the kids left on the table after breakfast, and jumped in. SPLASH! He made a mess, the dirt was off but now he was covered with milk! Which was good, ’cause cats lick themselves clean now he gets to clean himself and eat breakfast!

Later that day the family went out and he started searching the house, he looked long and hard for a hat. When he was just about to give up he saw the purrfect hat it was attached to a body though. He went over to it and chewed it off, it was the head to a Grinch stuffed animal.he quickly put it on and grinned, he found a mirror and admired his reflection repeating,” purrfect,” over and over again.

Just then he heard the keys turning in the doorknob, THE FAMILY WAS BACK! He ran all over worried they’d kill him if they saw how cute he was in his new hat. He looked at the chimney and had a “wonderful awful idea” he climbed the chimney escaping that horrid place with his hat still intact.

He went home pleased with the gift he had gotten himself for Christmas. 🙂


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