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Goth Sisters origin

Hey, I’m Goth Sister…I became Goth Sister when I was 3, That’s when it happened 😥 don’t ask what “it” was, it’s too painful to talk about…





…..okay fine if you insist…..I was a small child only three years old, I wasn’t prepared for such trauma… still hurts to think about it….I had asked for a horse for my birthday…but….I….got….a…pony instead 😭 I then came to the realization that my parents don’t love me….

I’m much older now and I understand that these things happen sometimes people just don’t have any love to spare….especially for me…I went through a lot of trauma throughout my life like….when my pony had a baby I wasn’t allowed to ride it while it was pregnant…I cried a lot because of that….*it gave me a lot of attention* I often screamed at nothing at all because it helped me deal with my pent up anger about losing my… parents took it away just because I kept trying to run over my brother…I miss that thing….

Now I feel like no one at all loves me 😭 so I hide in my room all day avoiding people *and posting stuff on the internet that will get me attention* I’ve learned a lot like, I’ll never be happy and everything goes wrong….


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