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Trek’s Adventure

This is a story of a toe and its life, the adventures it went on, the places it hid, and the dreams it had.

Hi I’m Trek I’m a toe and I live on a foot obviously. I’ve experienced pain like no other, do you know what it’s like to stub your toe? Well I do and it’s no fun especially when you’re the toe. I’m going to tell you about when that happened.

One day I went on a walk. I couldn’t believe how well I was doing I was headed straight for my favorite hiding spot, I’ve heard it be called a shoe but I call it my cave, it often gets warm in there though.
I was safe in my cave for hours and then all of a sudden I was ripped out and forced to go on another walk. I started running and then…then…I….got caught on a corner! I was pulled back throbbing in pain! It was the worst experience of my life…

Ever since that day my only dream has been to be safe snuggled up in my blanket that I named Sock and stay in my hiding place forever.


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