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We’ll Never Know

It’s been awhile… Haha sorry ’bout that.

Well this is my favorite song this week it’s “We’ll Never Know” by Lifehouse!

I also really like the song “Every Time You Run” by Manafest!

Well that’s all for now!

Your friend,

Guitar Solo



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I Don’t Even Know

IMG_20170117_174043.jpgHey guys! I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d say why! Basically I just don’t know what to say. 😂

I put that picture there (the above one) because I think it’s nice. My little sister took it! (I had to state that she’s my “little sister” so you know she’s younger)

I’ve made a few decisions I’m not gonna say what they are though. 😂 but I’ll give you a hint….. Actually no, I won’t.

Anyway I wanna start posting more maybe I’ll start talking about shhhhtuff like guitar strings (Idk) 😂 maybe politics everyone loves those 😂 okay but seriously maybe I’ll talk about music and shhhhtuff as I learn it. I like a lot of different kinds of art so we could talk about that!

I don’t really like lotion…but I love lemon scented lotion!

Oh yeah! I didn’t post it last week but here’s last week’s “favorite song of the week”!

That’s about it! I hope you guys have a great week! And don’t worry everything will work out 🙂

Your friend,

Guitar Solo

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Trek’s Adventure

This is a story of a toe and its life, the adventures it went on, the places it hid, and the dreams it had.

Hi I’m Trek I’m a toe and I live on a foot obviously. I’ve experienced pain like no other, do you know what it’s like to stub your toe? Well I do and it’s no fun especially when you’re the toe. I’m going to tell you about when that happened.

One day I went on a walk. I couldn’t believe how well I was doing I was headed straight for my favorite hiding spot, I’ve heard it be called a shoe but I call it my cave, it often gets warm in there though.
I was safe in my cave for hours and then all of a sudden I was ripped out and forced to go on another walk. I started running and then…then…I….got caught on a corner! I was pulled back throbbing in pain! It was the worst experience of my life…

Ever since that day my only dream has been to be safe snuggled up in my blanket that I named Sock and stay in my hiding place forever.

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Goth Sisters origin

Hey, I’m Goth Sister…I became Goth Sister when I was 3, That’s when it happened 😥 don’t ask what “it” was, it’s too painful to talk about…





…..okay fine if you insist…..I was a small child only three years old, I wasn’t prepared for such trauma… still hurts to think about it….I had asked for a horse for my birthday…but….I….got….a…pony instead 😭 I then came to the realization that my parents don’t love me….

I’m much older now and I understand that these things happen sometimes people just don’t have any love to spare….especially for me…I went through a lot of trauma throughout my life like….when my pony had a baby I wasn’t allowed to ride it while it was pregnant…I cried a lot because of that….*it gave me a lot of attention* I often screamed at nothing at all because it helped me deal with my pent up anger about losing my… parents took it away just because I kept trying to run over my brother…I miss that thing….

Now I feel like no one at all loves me 😭 so I hide in my room all day avoiding people *and posting stuff on the internet that will get me attention* I’ve learned a lot like, I’ll never be happy and everything goes wrong….

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I can’t really choose a favorite song this week. There was one I had in mind but I forgot what it was, so I guess it wasn’t my favorite. So I’m gonna post one of my favorite songs it’s “Broken” by Lifehouse. It’s a beautiful song and the vocals are great, I mean it’s Lifehouse so they always are. Anyways here it is,



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Mushy’s Hat


Mushy’s Hat

Mushy was walking down the cold, grimy streets of New York  City. His paws were getting cold and wet but he didn’t mind one bit ’cause he was on a quest To find the most purrfect Christmas hat! As he was walking along a motorcyclist drove passed him and splashed dirty water all over him. He shook his head in dismay, thinking to himself, “why was that motorcyclist on the sidewalk?”

Mushy found a box and slept in it. In the morning he woke up in a house. He was very frightened and thought he had gotten catnapped! Someone walked over to him, he cringed back in fear. They picked him up, he meowed furiously! They turned on the water in the kitchen sink and put him under it rinsing away the gunk. He shivered and cried. They took pity and put more dirt on him (they assumed that was why he was crying). Once he was dirty again he went over to a bowl of milk, one of the kids left on the table after breakfast, and jumped in. SPLASH! He made a mess, the dirt was off but now he was covered with milk! Which was good, ’cause cats lick themselves clean now he gets to clean himself and eat breakfast!

Later that day the family went out and he started searching the house, he looked long and hard for a hat. When he was just about to give up he saw the purrfect hat it was attached to a body though. He went over to it and chewed it off, it was the head to a Grinch stuffed animal.he quickly put it on and grinned, he found a mirror and admired his reflection repeating,” purrfect,” over and over again.

Just then he heard the keys turning in the doorknob, THE FAMILY WAS BACK! He ran all over worried they’d kill him if they saw how cute he was in his new hat. He looked at the chimney and had a “wonderful awful idea” he climbed the chimney escaping that horrid place with his hat still intact.

He went home pleased with the gift he had gotten himself for Christmas. 🙂

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A Weird Turn in the Journey

Okay so I’ve been gone a while but now I’m back! So hi! Also I’ve decided I’m going to start writing stories on here, so here’s the first one!

A Weird Turn in the Journey

It was getting dark and Krank had just started out on his journey an hour ago, as he walked through the dim forest he took a breath of the stiff, foggy air and a faint smell of banana came to his nose, Krank loves bananas, as do most elves.  He continued  down the rocky path adjusting his medieval looking Helmet every now and again when he came across a groundhog, he approached it, it looked at him with a strange look in his eyes when he got close enough to pet it, it bit him! He got real mad and pinched it, it then stopped biting him and ran off.

An hour later Walker ran up and bumped Krank’s helmet off. Walker turned around to apologize, but then he saw Krank’s ears and out of fear yelled, “your ears!”

Krank asked, “what about them?”

Walker answered in horror, “they’re elf ears!”

Krank responded, “well yeah, I’m an elf.”

Walker quickly got into a fighting position and yelled, “I won’t let you eat me!” And swung his fists at him.

In defence Krank pinched him and questioned, “why would I eat you?”

“This is why,” Walker said. Krank had forgotten to stop pinching him and when Walker pulled his arm away his skin got pulled off revealing that Walker was a banana!

“I’m so sorry!” Krank exclaimed, “it just peeled right off.”

“Now you’re gonna eat me,” Walker said sadly.

“No I won’t,” Krank said, even though he loves bananas.

Walker was very happy that he wasn’t going to get eaten, not realizing that he was going rot a lot quicker without his peel.