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My Favorite Album of The Week

Now you think I’ve gone off the rails. Let me explain, I couldn’t decide just one song of the album so I chose the whole album. The album is “Long Drive” and it’s by Jordan Taylor. It’s really good so you should check it out (Like maybe buy it). You can listen to it if you click this link and you can buy it on googleplay and Amazon I think iTunes too. So yeah.

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My Favorite Band

Today I thought I should tell you my favorite band ’cause you can tell a lot about a person by the music they like. So with that said I’ll tell you my favorite band and why they’re my favorite band.

Thousand Foot Krutch is my favorite band. They are a Canadian band consisting of Christians.

I like them because their music works well  with the lyrics.  And all of their songs vary in sound and even style sometimes but still have that tfk sound. Their lyrics are creative and you can tell that they’re not just trying to rhyme words, that they actually put thought into their lyrics and are thinking about stuff that matters. I also like that They have songs that tell stories. Another reason I like them is I listened to them a lot when I was younger so I kinda always liked them. The vocals are also a reason I like them, Trevor McNevan has a really good voice.

I know this wasn’t the best explanation. But I’m going to be honest (had to state that ’cause I’m always lying. jk) I’m not the best with words so if you were expecting an in depth description about the musicality of the songs and stuff then I’m sorry to disappoint. 

Bye, bye FRIENDS enjoy your day!