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Three Things I Like to Do

Play instruments

I really like music and enjoy playing music on various instruments. I like to write music also (although I haven’t written much). One thing I believed until recently is, that you have to get lessons to learn to play, not true you can learn from books (I would recommend Alfred’s books) or YouTube, and Yousician an app that you can either pay for, or use the twenty minutes free time. So it’s not impossible.


Another thing I enjoy doing is drawing, preferably manga (anime) style. Which you can also learn from YouTube or do what I usually do and look at a picture on google and draw it yourself (not trace it, actually draw it). I drew a picture of a lion I found on google, not too long ago, and colored it like Alex (’cause he’s a lion at heart) here’s that picture,

Alex as a lion


I like to watch YouTube videos and make them, recently my sister and I started a YouTube channel. We find it really fun to make different videos and watch them.

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His Name is Extra.

I’m going to show you a very special picture I drew a while ago that I call “Sad Extra” In the picture you see a blue haired guy, that I named Extra, looking really sad ’cause he can’t whistle hints the poem I wrote in the hill. One day I was watching digimon and saw this guy (he was an extra so don’t try finding him) so I drew his head and then the TV got unpaused so I came up with the rest. So call it fan art if you want.

The poem says “whistle, whistle what a little tistle, Whistle, whistle I wish I could whistle.” Yes I realize tistle isn’t a word but it rhymed so I put it. you can probably figure out its meaning on your own.

Here’s the picture,