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I Don’t Know What to Say

Well I’m sure you can tell, that I don’t know what to say. So I’m just gonna write what comes to mind. Just got an idea write (haha pun) as I was writing that last sentence, I’m gonna tell about my book. Ha! bet you didn’t know I was writing a book! Well I am I started writing it early this year (I think). It’s really fun to make up stories (not as in lies).  I won’t tell you too much but I will tell you it’s about a boy from Atlantis. And Alex is in it.

I had another idea well I was telling you about my book. I’m gonna show you something funny I saw in the YouTube comments section on a Twenty One Pilots video. It’ll be below okay.


   \\ _ 

   \( •_•) F

     < ⌒ヽ A

   /   へ\ B 

   /  / \\ U

    レ ノ   ヽ_つ L

   / / O

   / / U

  ( (ヽ S

  | |、\.

  | 丿 \ ⌒)

 | |  ) / ノ )

  Lノ__ (/___

I can’t help but laugh every time I see it. Isn’t it amazing. It’s not exactly the same but close enough.

I also found the most illuminati thing ever, ∆ isn’t it just the worst. 😹

If you have any funny things like that feel free to comment. If you want to comment about anything go ahead I’d really like to read it. Thanks for reading hope you liked it, well how could you not with that fabulous thing. ROFL

Your friend,

Guitar Solo

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This is a bananya that I just finished crocheting today. I made it ’cause it’s so cute and I like cats and bananas. I’ll probably make more but i’m not sure if I will.

The pattern was written really wellso if you want to make one here’s a link to the pattern

My bananya