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I Don’t Even Know

IMG_20170117_174043.jpgHey guys! I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d say why! Basically I just don’t know what to say. 😂

I put that picture there (the above one) because I think it’s nice. My little sister took it! (I had to state that she’s my “little sister” so you know she’s younger)

I’ve made a few decisions I’m not gonna say what they are though. 😂 but I’ll give you a hint….. Actually no, I won’t.

Anyway I wanna start posting more maybe I’ll start talking about shhhhtuff like guitar strings (Idk) 😂 maybe politics everyone loves those 😂 okay but seriously maybe I’ll talk about music and shhhhtuff as I learn it. I like a lot of different kinds of art so we could talk about that!

I don’t really like lotion…but I love lemon scented lotion!

Oh yeah! I didn’t post it last week but here’s last week’s “favorite song of the week”!

That’s about it! I hope you guys have a great week! And don’t worry everything will work out 🙂

Your friend,

Guitar Solo

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Be Careful

This is a warning like it our not (hahaha TFK lyrics). This is a warning against losing your inocents. I’m gonna give you two tips to help okay?.

Ignore It

If somebody says something you don’t understand and you can tell it was intended in a bad way don’t try and find out what they meant. Not knowing what they meant is better. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Just ingnore it responding will just make things worse.

Remember You become Who You Hang Out With

Be careful choosing your friends. If you start hanging out with a cusser for instance you might find yourself saying bad words too. Make sure you at least agree on the important things. If you choose the wrong people you will slowly get poisoned and you won’t even notice.

Stay focused on truth.

Your friend,

Guitar Solo


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I Don’t Know What to Say

Well I’m sure you can tell, that I don’t know what to say. So I’m just gonna write what comes to mind. Just got an idea write (haha pun) as I was writing that last sentence, I’m gonna tell about my book. Ha! bet you didn’t know I was writing a book! Well I am I started writing it early this year (I think). It’s really fun to make up stories (not as in lies).  I won’t tell you too much but I will tell you it’s about a boy from Atlantis. And Alex is in it.

I had another idea well I was telling you about my book. I’m gonna show you something funny I saw in the YouTube comments section on a Twenty One Pilots video. It’ll be below okay.


   \\ _ 

   \( •_•) F

     < ⌒ヽ A

   /   へ\ B 

   /  / \\ U

    レ ノ   ヽ_つ L

   / / O

   / / U

  ( (ヽ S

  | |、\.

  | 丿 \ ⌒)

 | |  ) / ノ )

  Lノ__ (/___

I can’t help but laugh every time I see it. Isn’t it amazing. It’s not exactly the same but close enough.

I also found the most illuminati thing ever, ∆ isn’t it just the worst. 😹

If you have any funny things like that feel free to comment. If you want to comment about anything go ahead I’d really like to read it. Thanks for reading hope you liked it, well how could you not with that fabulous thing. ROFL

Your friend,

Guitar Solo

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Super Powers Exist

It’s true

      Okay so yesterday I was running down the hallway and I ran into the wall, it made my shoulder hurt real bad, so after a little while I looked at it and discovered it was bleeding. But no worries ’cause I have the super power of regeneration, so it should heal up in a reasonable amount of time, actually everyone has that super power. WOW! That’s amazing, I mean how cool, that we have a super power! Actually we have multiple, here I’ll make a list,


Our bodies will heal on their own, sure it’s not as fast as the super heroes on TV, but it’s really amazing that we heal at all.


Yeah but I can’t see through walls.

But you can see walls, can’t you. Wow! Your mind was just blown.


You can’t hear far off people’s conversation, but really why would you want to. Think of the things you can hear, your cat meowing, music, your family being noisy, birds chirping in your backyard, all kinds of things. Hearing is a super power.


Think about this for a second, if you did have super smelling you would smell the skunk in your neighbor’s yard, the tomatoes rotting on the vine ten houses down, so really is that what you want. Smelling is a super power, ’cause think of what you can smell, freshly baked bread, tiger balm, mint hand sanitizer, all sorts of things so.

Mind Control

Now you think I’ve lost it (whatever it is), you’re probably thinking mind control, no, nobody has that, well actually your wrong everybody has it just not in the sense you’re thinking. Our minds control our body, say you wanted a drink of water, well then your brain would tell your legs to move and your arms to grasp your cup, or whatever you’re drinking out of, then it would tell you to bring it up to your mouth and start drinking. Your mind also controls what you say. So now you can go around saying you have mind control powers, you’re welcome.

So next time you’re wishing you had super power remember you already have some. Okay people, God already gave some. Okay now I’m done and you’re a little smarter. If you can think of any super powers go ahead and comment.

Your friend,

Guitar Solo

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Five Games I Like


In no particular  order I’m gonna tell you guys five games or game series I like, such as The Elder Scrolls. Okay so here we go,

Xenoblade Chronicles X

This game is really fun. One of the things I like best about it is the character costumization, ’cause I can have pink hair. I can also costumize my team, currently we are the snorkel team ’cause we’re all wearing snorkels.

The Sims

Okay, I know what your thinking. And it’s true I do mostly like games ’cause of character costumization. In fact most the games I play have character costumization, there are a few exceptions though, such as “Rolling Thunder” and “Smash Bros” but for the most part there is at least a little character costumization. Now of course the “Sims” is a game series, I like “The Sims 3” best, but of course it does have some things I’d rather it didn’t have, I just avoid that stuff so it’s fine, but I do think that it didn’t need it.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

I have pink hair in this game as well. The game play is fun, I prefer to play online, even though I’m a low level. I choose to wear mismatched pieces of armor ’cause I think it looks better.

The Elder Scrolls

I usually play a Khajiit in these games. I’ve played both “Skyrim” and “Oblivion” I don’t think I’ve played “Morwind” though. I am usually in the thieves guild or trying to get into the wizards guild.

Super Smash Bros

Whether it’s  the Nintindo 64 or Wii U versin this game series is always fun to play with my siblings. I really like how on the Wii U version you can make a mii fighter, especially ’cause we always make them really funny.

Well those are the games I like, and have never finished. (’cause I have this problem where I never finish a game, not even “My Sims”) I want to mention three more that I would recommend, “Minecraft”,” Terraria”,and “Rolling Thunder” (an old arcade game).


Your Friend, 

Guitar Solo


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Three Things I Like to Do

Play instruments

I really like music and enjoy playing music on various instruments. I like to write music also (although I haven’t written much). One thing I believed until recently is, that you have to get lessons to learn to play, not true you can learn from books (I would recommend Alfred’s books) or YouTube, and Yousician an app that you can either pay for, or use the twenty minutes free time. So it’s not impossible.


Another thing I enjoy doing is drawing, preferably manga (anime) style. Which you can also learn from YouTube or do what I usually do and look at a picture on google and draw it yourself (not trace it, actually draw it). I drew a picture of a lion I found on google, not too long ago, and colored it like Alex (’cause he’s a lion at heart) here’s that picture,

Alex as a lion


I like to watch YouTube videos and make them, recently my sister and I started a YouTube channel. We find it really fun to make different videos and watch them.